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who we are

Dana Green has been involved in the healing arts community as a Holistic Life Coach for the past 30 years.

Ozark Holistic Healing is an alternative wellness center whose purpose is to honor the Mind-Body-Spirit connection to well-being and to offer the community holistic alternatives for natural healing and self-empowerment.

Ozark Holistic Healing - Dana Green

our philosophy

The body has the ability to heal itself. By releasing old thought patterns, making peace with past traumas and living in the NOW, the body has a foundation for real, healing change.

kind words

“What an unexplainable experience. I will try to do it justice. Dana Green has a very welcoming, comfortable, calm, and absolutely peaceful place to connect with her clients. She is a vessel of love and you can feel it radiating from within her. It has been a blessing to be able to meet and work with her. If you have found yourself on her page do not hesitate. It is a life changing experience.”

Cierra Turner

“I was able to let go of the fear after only one visit to Ozark Holistic Healing, and Dana Green using her wonderful EFT technique. I would never have believed it possible if I had not experienced it for myself.”

Allen Thomas

“Dana’s Prosperity class was so informative. I learned I am not a victim, but the creator of my own experience. I am learning to take charge of my life once again.”

Rebecca Jamison

“When I visited Dana I was stressed out, and feeling anxious all the time. Her healing sessions have helped me feel stress free and at peace with myself, and my work.”

“I had suffered PTS for years, and had no hope of recovery. A friend told me about Dana. I did not know what EFT was, but was willing to try anything for relief. I felt relief after the first session, and will go again to her for this amazing healing work she does.”

“Thank you Mrs. Dana for your humbleness and warmth that was so powerfully present during my visit! The technique that was used, EFT, has had tremendous healing in all areas of my life! Who would have thought that years of memories and thought patterns could be healed in just a short time? Thank you Sooooo much!” – —–Carla: “My sessions with Dana enabled me to understand why I was feeling so anxious, and to let go my resentment and open my life to inner peace.”

classes we offer

Class I

Intro to Reiki

This introductory course is for those who would like to learn the art of REIKI, (a Japanese healing art), to ease tension & stress, while facilitating a wellness healing environment for self and others.

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Class II

Science and Spirituality

Through this course, we explore the intersection of these two seemingly distinct realms and how they can complement each other in understanding and promoting well-being.

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Class III

Manifest Prosperity

Each of us carries the knowledge we need to manifest prosperity in all areas of our lives. Come learn The POWER of OUR WORDS and BELIEFS, and how to manifest for our highest good.

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