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Ozark Holistic Healing Techniques

Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

"All power to change, to be healed, is created from within."

Ozark Holistic Healing is located in Flippin Arkansas, and is an Alternative Wellness Center whose purpose is to acknowledge, celebrate, and support clients on their healing journey, and to honor the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection to Well-Being. We strive to offer the community the highest cutting edge alternative techniques for self-improvement and personal growth.

Dana Green is a Holistic Health Practitioner, with over 25 years experience in holistic healing arts.

Clients who use Dana's services will enjoy her warm and caring nature, her professionalism, and dedication to their success in realizing their goals. She sets the highest standard of integrity, trust, and caring guidance for the individual needs of the client. All sessions are treated with the highest of confidentiality and respect.


 Healing Emotional Pain
The revolutionary (EFT) "Emotional Freedom Technique"  is a fast and safe way to clear limiting beliefs, heal trauma and emotional wounds, as well as physical symptoms they may cause. EFT is better known as "energy tapping," and is used to stimulate acupressure meridian points on the body, to eliminate blockages that contribute to your mental, emotional, or physical pain which inhibits one's personal growth. By correcting the energetic blockage, your body can now self-heal on all levels; Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.

Spiritual Counseling from The Heart
Whatever the challenge, I am here to assist you as a Christian Spiritual Path Counselor and Interfaith Minister to help you assess your own inner wisdom to find balance and inner peace.

Guided Imagery for Positive Change
Guided imagery is a wonderful ancient, holistic, Mind/Body technique used for emotional, physical and spiritual self-healing. Imagery is a therapeutic and drug free way for self-improvement and personal growth.

Please also visit us at: http://bodymindspiritdirectory.org   (Fee: $50 per session. A sliding scale may be provided upon request.)